A View of America

Music by Ochre (ochremusic.com)
1. Raido
2. The Balance
3. Hang Garden

Between March and July, Rachel and I took a trip around the United States. Leaving from Tennessee, directly west across the Southwest to the Pacific coast, north along 101 through Big Sur to Northern Cali where we WWOOFed for the first time, further north to western Oregon to our second WWOOFing destination. Then north east to the mountains and the Great American Prairie in Montana.

It has been an epic journey to say the least. One that has revealed the magnitude, awe and beauty of nature ten-fold to that which we had merely heard about and imagined all of our lives in traditional modernity.

Get out and see your world. There is much to appreciate. Any experience that makes you feel a bit smaller, a bit humbler, a bit more knowledgable, can yield a perspective that few in our age ever achieve. We live in an amazing universe, there is no doubt. Our planet, alone, is proof of that.

Locations featured:
Mississippi River State Park, AR
Devil's Den State Park, AR
Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX
Santa Rosa Lake State Park, NM
El Malpais National Monument, NM
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Valley of Fire, NV
Death Valley, NV
Kern River, CA
Big Sur, CA
Clam Beach, CA
Crescent City, CA
Shasta-Trinity National Forest, CA
Myrtle Point, OR
Gold Beach, OR
Fairy Lake, MT
Great American Prairie Reserve, MT
Glacier National Park, MT

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